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We love Cake. Bold and honest statement, in fact we love everything naughty and nice, and it was indeed our passion for the sweet side that inspired us to grow our bakery business. We are a family run business in the beautiful heart of Kent.
I now have a whopping 22 years experience in baking, good job really as my family love cake. Our family is large, we are very blessed to have 6 wonderful children and 3 beautiful grandchildren (so far), they all have their favourite pieces, in fact, when a tray of Italian biscuits are fresh from the oven, I can pretty much guarantee they won't reach the table, they are stuffed piping hot, by anyone that can get their hands on them, but that's family life, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Our cake studio is here at our home in the countryside where we welcome our bride and grooms to come and have an afternoon tea cake tasting and consultation.

Lorraine Moore